What's important in the design business today?

There are many ways to find YOUR way to be successful in the design business today. Is it trends that should be leading? Is it the changing environment we have to adapt to? Or shall we rather focus on our roots and do what we know best? How often do you ask yourself these questions? 


Come and discover what fellow designers think. We have invited some big personalities from the Amsterdam design scene, but also from far beyond – people whose visions and ideas cannot fail to inspire. We will also look at the brand owner's perspective being curious to learn from HEINEKEN, what they expect from their design partners. Last not least, don't miss the opportunity to get some new ideas on how to improve packaging with innovative technologies.


Join the debate to discuss industry practices in the design business with European peers. We will reveal interesting information on fees, copright approaches and pitching rules collected throughout Europe based on an online survey being currently led by epda. And we are looking forward to hearing YOUR view!


Let's exchange information about how the design business works in different countries and join forces for better quality and prosperous client relationships!



The Winners!


Come and join us to reveal the winners of this year's epda AWARD FUTURE PACKAGING! We will present best design concepts for future Spirit and Soft Drinks Packaging and enjoy an outstanding dinner at De Kas Restaurant & Nursery on October 5, the night before the Meet & Greet Conference.

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